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cover of True Strength

My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal—and How Nearly Dying
Saved My Life

by Kevin Sorbo

US $26.00 / CAN $30.00
ISBN: 9780306820366


Praise for True Strength

“Learning what Kevin endured makes him seem even more mythic than the character he played on TV. True Strength is honest and insightful, and even sometimes funny. This book will help people who are waging their own health battles, and give perspective and understanding to the rest of us.”
Gary Sinise

“I’ve accepted that Kevin can beat me in golf, is better looking than me, and has the body of Hercules. Now I find out he can write a compelling book as well. Damn him.”
Ray Romano

“From staring death in the face to discovering peace in the small miracles of life, Kevin takes his readers on a witty journey of courage and faith.”
Eric Close

“Intimate, compelling, and funny…It reads like a good movie.”
Raffaella de Laurentiis

“True Strength shows that a hero’s true final scene isn’t a miraculous cure concocted in a screenwriter’s mind; it’s a painful, protracted journey from despair to acceptance of an illness that knows no rules.”
Rob Huizenga, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA

“Hockey is a contact sport. So is life … An inspiring and uplifting journey into the world of never giving up.”
Wayne Gretzky

“Kevin’s bravery and spirit are truly Olympian. His story will inspire you to understand that no matter the challenge, no matter what life throws you, you can rise above.”
Scott Hamilton

“I have known Kevin a number of years, [but] I never knew what he went through…Amazing. I really like this guy and after reading this, you will too.”
Craig T. Nelson

“Surprisingly bold and well told—take it from someone who suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and lived to rock another day. A story that I could truly relate to.”
Bret Michaels

“Tragedy can transform us for the better. That is Kevin’s message and it’s well articulated here.”
Tom Selleck

“Read this book. You can thank me later.”
Meat Loaf